On-the-go Guacamole

On-the-go Guacamole | BooseBlend
Maybe its a picnic, a lunch with friends or just a relaxing day down at your favourite chill out spot. Suddenly, you're hungry. You remember that delicious guacamole and chips you had at that Mexican restaurant on Saturday. "Man, I wish I could make that right now! But theres no kitchen in site!"
That right there is what we pity about those without a BooseBlend Pro . Luckily, if you're reading this you either have yours already or are checking to see just how cool our portable blenders really are!
Try out this quick-n-easy guacamole recipe in your BooseBlend Pro, it'll be a guaranteed hit!
1x avocado⁠
1/2 a red onion⁠
Chilli to taste⁠
2 tablespoons of coriander⁠
A squeeze of lime⁠
A pinch of salt & pepper⁠
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