About Us | Boose Australia Portable Blenders

Boose began in 2019, founded  when we realised that so many people want to be healthy, have good intentions but end up stuck due to the extra effort, time and stress that’s involved with maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We knew that in reality, it’s not the people’s fault, it’s the overthinking and intimidation that comes with the pursuit of fitness and we wanted to simplify this for the everyday person.

 How am I supposed to count my macros? How do I know if I'm getting too many carbs? Keto? Paleo? I don’t have time for this! I have to get my kids to school! I have to get my ass to uni! 

 After a lot of questions, research and observation we saw that time was everything. No one is to blame, but today’s society wants things quick and they want them easy. People’s time is more valuable than ever and even with the best intentions, anyone can make some less than favourable choices when choosing their next meal. Why do you think fast food is popular? Besides it being really tasty when you’re drunk?

 A deep understanding of how time, perceived effort and ease of access lead Us to start Boose. Everyone loves a good smoothie/shake and they can be damn healthy for you too but no one likes the bulky, messy blenders that come with the territory. 

*Drum roll please*

Enter the Boose Pro portable blender… 


Our Vision

Our vision was simple. To make being healthy just that little bit easier for the everyday person. Not those whose job it is to be fit, but the busy mums, the travelling dads and the law student who’s probably at the library more than they’re at home.  

We wanted Boose to be people's companion. The first thing they think of when they have a busy day, but still want to stay healthy, the handy gadget that lets a busy mum relax, knowing she can have her breakfast on the go.

Our most important value is ‘community’. We are always striving to create a space for like minded people to come together and help each other through their health and fitness journeys. Whether that be through recipe groups, our informative blogs or fun Instagram content, we aim to inspire and empower those who want to do good by their bodies.

Why Choose Us?

 Long story short? We care. We care about making life easier for the regular people.

We don’t just want to sell you a product, we want to sell you a tool and all knowledge that we can provide with it. We want to SEE these things in action. We measure our success not from a dollar sign but from the stories from our happy customers.

 Stories such as Helen’s, whose husband is a truck driver who wants to keep healthy: 

“I recently purchased a BooseBlend pro for my Husband. He is a Linehaul Truck Driver so quite often on the road in rural/regional areas. I’ve always packed his food to help maintain healthy eating habits on the road and we’ve always talked about smoothies on the road and now with BooseBlend he can finally have his daily smoothie no matter where he is. We are both very happy with this product and recommend it to everyone looking to purchase one.”

Stories like this are how we measure success, and you can be assured that this will continue to be the most important metric we track for as long as we’re around!