Boose Strawberry Daiquiri

Boose Strawberry Daiquiri

Take the Caribbean Islands on-the-go with your Boose Pro portable blender. This delicious and refreshing cocktail is served all throughout the islands and is loved by many on white sandy beaches across the globe. 

Whether you want to recreate the magic of a recent holiday, or you’re keen to get into the spirit of your upcoming trip, we bet you’ll love learning how to make a strawberry daiquiri at home in your travel blender.

As with all popular cocktails there are plenty of different recipes and ours is made with portability in mind. Ideally, you will through the ingredients in an esky and with your Boose Pro portable blender and take it off to your chosen beach or party to mix it up. 

Our recipe calls for

1 cup of ice

3-4 strawberries

60ml of rum

30ml of syrup 

15m of lime juice