On-the-go Salad Dressing

On-the-go Salad Dressing

Who doesn’t love a good salad? Whether your dieting or looking for a nutritious snack, salads are a great option! Why? They aren’t dense in calories but are dense in micronutrients! This is a great combo and should perk up the ears of any fitness goer.

However, salads can be bland at times and usually need a tasty dressing to get down the gullet. It’s now common knowledge that salad dressings from cafes or supermarkets are usually high in sugar and fats. This is what makes delicious dressings like caesar or thousand islands so delicious. If you're trying to keep the weight off however, this can be counter-intuitive, as the dressing will counteract the low calorie benefits of the salad.

Luckily here at BooseBlend, we’re fully aware of this salad sham and want to make things easier for you, because that's just what we do. Try this awesome salad dressing and whiz it up in your BooseBlend Pro. This dressing is diverse and can be used on any salad, just take your BooseBlend Pro, and blend it up wherever you please!


- Extra virgin olive oil

- Plain greek yoghurt

- Dijon mustard

- Lemon juice

- Garlic

- Salt & Pepper